Welcome to Signature Europe

Welcome to Signature Europe, the European Headquarters of Signature Worldwide, a global leader in business and training solutions to the hospitality and service industry with a presence in over 65 countries.

Signature's solid reputation in the hospitality industry has allowed for expansion and specialization in other sectors which include Casinos, Call Centers, Spa, Luxury Retail, Automotive, Airline and Travel industries.

Entrusted by the most prestigious international brands, our focus is to integrate our clients' brand values and standards into every sales and service solution through a constant process of training, coaching and use of sophisticated performance measurement tools.

Signature Europe's priority is to train your talent to deliver proactive sales and service experiences that boost revenue and create brand advocates. We partner up with your associates using the latest trends in training methodology and state-of-the-art online reporting systems and follow-up mechanisms which continually assess and enhance performance progress.

Our success metric is your performance growth and we invite you to work with us in building a fruitful alliance.